Write, record, edit and produce a +/- 5-minute podcast segment on one of the ways in which design is changing our conception of home in the 21st century.

Write a 750-word essay about a 21st century thing that can be seen to perform like Latour’s “parliament of things” (in Bruno Latour, ‘Why has critique run out of steam?’ in Critical Inquiry, 30, Winter 2004).

Pick a 21st century domestic appliance, consider its symbolism and use, and relationship to “domestic grottitude,” (with reference to Reyner Banham, ‘Household Godjets’, 1970) and evaluate it through the lens of ethics, gender, or sustainability. Write this 750-word essay in the format of an Amazon Product Review.

Pick an aspect of the Eindhoven Design Week (installation/exhibition/thematic thread) and write a 750-word review for a publication of your choice.

Produce an exhibition proposal that tackles an aspect of one of the three running themes introduced within the DC&W program this trimester. The proposal will be assessed for the quality of its process documentation, exhibition texts (intro, chapters, captions), its detailed exhibit list, and its visualization.

Write a 750-word essay about a 21st designed entity that can be read as mythological, in Barthesian terms (with reference to Roland Barthes, Mythologies, (New York: Hill and Wang), 2013).

Write a fictional piece about a particular room as a site of resistance or transgression. How does the room perform as a setting or environment for the character who dwells/lives/shelters there? How does the character inhabit this room and interact with its contents and their arrangement in space? And how does her/his actions, thoughts, memories, and speech in relation to that room reveal to us aspects of what it is he/she resists or transgresses and why?

Write a 2,000-word essay that examines one way in which design museums are changing. The focus should be on curatorial practice and make reference to forms of display.