Ana Lisa Alperovich, Kostas Lambridis,
Lu Fan, Marco Cagnoni, Phoenix Yu-Tzu Huang

As part of an external collaborative project with the Zuiderzeemuseum, Ana Lisa Alperovich and her team created a new educational programme to teach young students how to hack everyday objects. Their students will first visit one of the old houses at the outdoor Museum village and gain an insight into traditional methods of performing domestic activities like washing clothes or hand printing a document. They will then participate in a hands-on workshop where they will take apart a 21st century everyday object, like a washing machine or printer, and compare its parts with the machines they previously saw operating, in order to understand how one object has replaced a whole room with many machines, for instance, how a washing machine replaced a laundry room. Guided by an experienced designer, the participants will hack a broken object and make a new design, while reflecting on our consumerist society and planned obsolescence. The outcomes will be on show at a pop-up exhibition in one of the houses for visitors to see and vote on. The winning design will be acquired by the museum becoming part of their collection, while the rest of the outcomes will be given back to the students.